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Showing posts from August, 2015

New EP - "In Light of Dark Days" sneak preview!

"In Light of Dark Days' is complete! A new 3 track EP of utter misery coming soon!
Enjoy this 30 second clip of CATATONIC.

Studio underway!

The recoding process is underway, and it's sounding fantastic! Everything is more or less complete and we're heading to mixing stage.

We are really excited about this and have been working with some great people to get this out before the end of the year.

Stay tuned, and stay miserable...

Gigs done; time for the studio

A couple of great live shows lately in The Warzone Collective, Belfast. Thanks to all the bands, promoters, sound guys, and metalheads we've got to meet over the past month; it's been a blast!

With the live shows wrapped up for a few months, we are concentrating on our forthcoming release and hitting the studio!

We'll keep you updated here, and on the facebook page as to how we're getting on. It should be heavy and miserable, rest assured.

Keep it metal!