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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Wings Of Death

The Crawling is a trio from Northern Ireland, where I had never heard of until this EP. Too bad, because their music suits me. The trio is under this name only since 2014 together; The musicians are also not exactly known, only drummer Gary Beattie I know Zombified, an old school death metal band.

Under that category you The Crawling also a little scissors, already the band adds a serious game of doom to it. Three pretty long, especially love songs lingering your attention from beginning to end fixed, almost 20 minutes long. Or too short actually, because here I lust or porridge! Slow, sensitive, compelling, at times with a spicy burst. Elaborated, exciting intros and well constructed songs managed to put the power down well. A nice creepy atmosphere does the rest.

Especially End Of The Rope is a fine alternate number, it starts unexpectedly melodic, but the ponderous riffs and ditto grunts put it all in a considerably heavier daylight. Do not misunderstand me: the music is still good o…

Interview with Andy - 'Metal-Nose'

THE CRAWLING: Seminal Irish Monolith

Interview with Andy Clarke from The Crawling by Vera in January 2016

Sometimes a debut EP/MCD happens to be so amazing and a promise for the future. That is the case with ‚In Light Of Dark Days’, a doomy gloomy statement with death momentum that convinced us right away. The Crawling is a band from Northern Ireland, founded in 2014. They are working on their full length debut and we are proud to introduce them through the words of vocalist/guitarist Andy Clarke...

Andy, we know you from Honey For Christ, but what was the spark to form a new band in 2014? In other words: how did The Crawling come into being?
Actually, it was nothing to do with me - it was entirely down to Stuart! In short, Stuart had been to watch a rather inspiring local band, The Obscene Machine, and after the show decided he had to start a band again, having been out of the scene for over 10 years. I've known Stuart for decades, and he knew I wasn't playing much anymore, so a…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Vampster

The three gentlemen of 2014. upscale from the baptism band THE CRAWLING are no longer youngsters. Therefore, one may expect from their first EP "In Light of Dark Days" quite a bit. And the British (concrete Ulsterman) also put evidence on the fact that they compatriots as those of ANATHEMA or PARADISE LOST belongs aware (over) before twenty years and have worshiped.

Accordingly, there are on the EP Death / Doom Metal hear who comes to the point with sparse frippery and generates oppressive mood. Although instrumental are not daring experiments or great dexterity to hear, but is with incisive riffs, partially clean battered guitars and bass wummerndem game laid a solid basis for three songs that pleased with not quite unknown lead melodies. In addition also comes still a good growl vocals, the finishing touch is the Chose.

Subtracting the songs zoom, so has "The Right to Crawl" partially cool driving elements, "End of the Rope" scores with melodic melancho…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Metal Is Forever Alive

After a one track single, which was launched early last year as a test balloon into circulation, place the Ulsterman THE CRAWLING to Now.For a complete album, it has not yet passed always, but at least this time it's an EP become (with three tracks). Musically can be "In Light of Dark Days" in the division Death / Doom (MY DYING BRIDE,AHAB) lane, whereThe Crawling Sludge / Doom can at times also "modern" influences the brand CROWN with incorporated what the songs a bit gives more power and Intesivit├Ąt. Atmospheric the EP rages in eisger cold and deep despair, but every now and again, by very briefly held bright spots, is loosened up in the form of quieter acoustic parts. These acoustic parts, however, are truly to be understood only as a brief moment of pause, as they typically by powerful Sludge / Doom breaks relatively quickly snuffed made. 
In keeping with the somber mood commute the vocals, which are contributed by two strings artistes, between mighty growls…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Queen Of The Moshpit

The Crawling came crawling from Northern Ireland and they just released this 3-track-EP as first listenable vital sign – one year after their first live show ever. Slow Death Metal, that’s what they call this style and “they” means three gentlemen who are well-known for decades in the local underground scene for playing somewhat faster tunes. The collaboration with Grindscene Records didn’t come by chance.

I love Death Metal and I love slow music but Slow Death Metal as played by The Crawling is kind of half-assed. Neither has it the melancholic beauty of My Dying Bride, nor is it a huge juggernaut like a slower Bolt Thrower (as Panzerkreuzer is). “The Right to Crawl” is nice as long as they do not step on the gas (the fast parts are just boring) – it started very promising, though. „End Of The Rope“ coils round a single riff and there are some enjoyable mid-tempo banger parts but it doesn’t sparkle either. “Catatonic”, on the other hand, is marvelous. Finally it’s getting really slow…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Lords of Metal

Marcel H. : Yes, I know. I am a sucker for death doom and then especially for the kind that has some real death metal in it and not that gothic stuff.. So, hell yeah, I am listening to The Crawling’s ‘In Light Of Dark Days’ EP with a huge grin from ear to ear. 
Drummer Gary Beattie some of you might know from his drumming in Zombified and it’s especially he who puts the death metal into The Crawling. For death doom this EP is short with its three songs which clock in at a total of a little over nineteen minutes. The longest song is just over eight minutes. An advantage is that the listener will be fully focussed from start to finish. Don’t expect any innovation but just well-executed death doom which makes it clear where these gentlemen got their inspiration from.
Lords of Metal

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Metal Nose

What a great surprise and discovery in doom/death metal The Crawling is! With the first sounds I spontaneously thought of Mourning Beloveth and these three guys come from the neighbourhood. Well actually Northern Ireland, which is properly UK, but well… And there appears to be another link when I do my investigation. The band is founded recently in 2014, but one of the three guys happens to be Andy Clarke from Honey For Christ. That’s a band I always liked as well. That’s the reason for that captivating quality, alright…

This trio released earlier the single ‘Choking On Concrete’ and the reactions on social media were full of praise. Now they release a MCD ‘In Light Of Dark Days’ with three songs, altogether good for twenty minutes music. ‘The Right To Crawl’ is our first encounter: slow electrified plucking guitars pass into a monumental outburst with heavy death growls. During the fervent acceleration, vocals get more scream-like akin to black, almost. But then they return to those g…