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The return to Siege of Limerick 2016

We are absolutely delighted to announce The Crawling will be returning to Siege of Limerick 30th October 2016. It is an amazing event; we had a cracking weekend in Lime-rock last year, and ca't wait to play again!

It's an honour to be invited back again and bring our brand of death/doom to the show.

Plus, Dead Congregation are playing! \m/

Stay miserable.

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - The Independent Voice

The Crawling formed late 2014 in Northern Ireland and “churn out a heavy, slow, death ensemble; forged against a backdrop of misery and contempt for the world that surrounds us.” The three members describe themselves as ‘ageing’ – no comment there – and this EP shows a “darker, more mature side to the band”. I’ll be honest, I thought this was a wee bit Spinal Tap at first glance, but will bear with it.

The CD is a fiver and the digital download is only three quid – if you’re a fan of death or black metal in general then I recommend you stop reading this, hit the link and get it straight away, as this is a bargain. I loved it.

This is comfortably beyond melancholic. It is a cracking cocktail of the desolate, cold and hateful. It’s also extremely intelligently put together, with suspenseful introductions, rhythmic and dynamic variance, extremely accomplished playing and a great use of texture.

‘The Right To Crawl’ opens with a slow, folky guitar riff that recapitulates throughout the track…

Bloodstock - Friday 12th August 2016

Just announced today; we are pleased to confirm we will be playing BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL on FRIDAY 12th AUGUST on the HOBGOBLIN NEW BLOOD STAGE!

We hope to see a line of misery across the front barrier!

Keep an eye here, and all our social media pages for our stage time as soon as it comes in.

Stay miserable...

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Extreminal Web'zine

The British band THE CRAWLING is a relatively young band. Founded in 2014 they released last year their 3-Track CD “In Light Of Dark Days. They received help here from Grindscene Records.
Finest Doom Metal resounds off my loudspeakers. 
Slowly constituting songs which generate sound ramparts which weigh tons. Therefor already ensure the halting riffs which are dark and extremely emotional. Supported by he powerful, pitch-black growls a depressiee atmosphere arises which offers no prospect of light. Sheer emotion! 
Nevertheless, “In Light Of Dark Days“ is no boring production. To the contrary: It is diversified and nevertheless hard to beat of gloom and impressiveness. Very dedicated and with much blood, sweat and tears recorded you should give a listen to “In Light Of Dark Days“ by all means. A very promising debut. I am curious what we will hear of THE CRAWLING in the future!!!!

Extreminal Web'zine