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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Gorger's Metal

Irish The Crawling simply call their musical direction “slow death”, something that feels very adequate. If we were to push the trio into a conforming pigeon hole it would be most natural to resort to death/doom.

The trio, formed last year, serves three tracks from 4.5 to 8.5 minutes, and ends up with a total of just over 19.

After some initial calm and discouraged seconds the band shows teeth. The atmosphere is not only mournful, the band also clearly shows displeasure and aggressive aversion.

While grief-stricken guitar tones and deep bass mourns others obliteration and its own tribulation, hard, resounding riffs, fierce drums and infernal vocals swear revenge.
The songs don't invent the wheel anew, but that doesn't matter as long as one creates such good main melody lines, eking with secondary melodies, tempo changes, variety and everything that the available ingredients can offer. The three songs are very good.

Each instrument can basically be highlighted. Much thanks to th…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - XXL Rock

Brevity is the spice, the Ulsterman of "The Crawling" must have thought and present us on their new EP (beginning of the year there was already a 1-track CD) three fresh songs, which on a stately playing time of almost bring twenty minutes.

Far too little, far too short - because the presented material has become truly fantastic. The trio plays the delightfully doomy Death Metal how well hinbekommt him only when the Anglo-Saxons, reminds me, for example, at the very early Anathema, Paradise Lost, or even to "Lost Paradise" times. Very deep growls to meet melodious Death \ Doom which, although here and there has a few speed bursts, but is happening in slow area for the most part. The atmosphere is dark / melancholic to despair, as a music you just have to bring it to market in the fall / winter - perfect timing!

A thoroughly enjoyable debut, "The Crawling" I definitely will keep an eye (and in the ear!), Because here awaits us in the future certainly still a…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - The Pit

Timing is sometimes everything: Since it's raining outside after a few golden autumn days in streams, is cold and uncomfortable and forces you unpack the Kuschelsocken, and out of the speakers blaring Northern Ireland Slow Death of the brand The Crawling. The band makes the weather, and its name, crawls the bleak sound but viscous from the membranes, flatters mysterious feet and then wafts slowly and with relish slowly upwards into the ear canals.

Here the trio with a drum, a guitar and a bass is placed sporadically rather, is especially in times where two to four guitarists rumturnen on stage, a minority. In return, bassist Stuart Rainey and guitarist Gary Beattie share the vocals - and they do it damn good, from deepest growls a stir at the right volume, the intestines, to nasty nagging that causes creep eardrums deep inside the body want is here for fans of death metal case just about anything.

With only three songs, the review remains originating mainly clear, but prospective …

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Voices From The Dark Side

Once upon a time there was a small kingdom located on an island. It was a nice island with beautiful landscapes and astonishing shores. But that was just one side of the coin. On the flipside there was that permanent bad weather, strange food and mediocre beer that all together created a constant bad mood among the people. They became depressed and joyless, so that a few decided to make music to express their sadness and suffering. Some of the more popular ones were groups like MY DYING BRIDE, ANATHEMA and DECOMPOSED. Last mentioned lived up to their own name and the second isn't that sorrowful anymore. 
So there's just one brave entity left to cry out their inmost anxiety and woe. But all those years of grieving has left their marks. And since the weather hasn't changed at all, it happened by the year of 2014 that three pals decided to join the path of depression; to back up the ancient ones on their battle against bliss and joy. THE CRAWLING was born! But it lasted one m…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Metal Talks

And so, as an online Scribbler throws one admittedly often 'nen look in Google litany to catch one or the other information, but in the case of The Crawling this venture is almost hopeless. Then let's make a start.
The from Lisburn (Northern Ireland) coming band The Crawling formed itself in 2014 and served us in their own words Slow Death Metal. Andy Clarke - Guitar / Vocals Stuart Rainey - bass / vocals and Gary Beattie - Drums have already submitted the end of October a 3-track EP, the ear should be worth every diehard fan of dark sounds. New musical Coverage of Northern Ireland is certainly not, it moves the trio with his compositions in an area which is very pleasing and half-baked. Of course you can gain through the sounding of three songs only a rough guide, but what is offered is as just mentioned solid and appealing.

Classic Death Metal sounds dominate the bitter scenario of slow THE CRAWLING world, not entirely in slow motion, but fatally unnerving. Abysmal growls and…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Quien mueve los hilos?

The Crawling is an Irish band that formed in 2014 and this year have released a single and now this Ep. Theirs is a Death Doom, quite technical and sound quite close now to 90, with atmospheric passages and themes that explore the vein more progressive direction, ie, experimental ,.

The EP starts with The Right to Crawl with one Death acceleration in the old way and which environmental hammer very repetitive and insistent riff pylon a good theme with two distinct faces.

End of the Rope starts more quietly, one steeped in a darkness rhythm, acoustic and then continued with a tremolo Thunderstorms in marking the rock theme. A riff that repeats, either acoustic or electric, achieving a very successful atmosphere and make very entertaining topic, not missing a little groove here and there to give consistency and force the issue.

The last issue that we leave these Irish is Catatonic eight minutes which penetrate the darkness thicken the sound and take us in a much darker acoustic tour. V…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Possessed Magazine

The Irish scene is quasi compare Ostfriesland. A small country with many hot combos. Of course, the amount mixed with each other and so it is with "The Crawling". The musicians are otherwise still in "zombified" and "Honey for Christ" active we gambled with bands like "Overoth," Devil Make Three "and" Periodic Slaughter ". Quite young, the trio is no longer well. But the three there want to know, as well as here in East Frisia again. As the circle closes, but I think a lot of old warriors have again get Bock to make Metal. Just as an aside.

Since 2014, there is now this band and as I said, experience is present. In 2015 only thanks came a single, and now these 3 Song Ep. The label Grind Scene Records from Northern Ireland, I also know all its predecessors bands and "The Crawling" but sound then again quite different.
The label or the band describes their style as "Slow Death ". Okay, you can do so, but sounds …

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Metal Purgatory

A lot of amazing bands come out the United Kingdom such as Anathema, Cathedral, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost and The Crawling lives up to where those bands left off. They describe their music as slow death metal which has a reminiscent sound of old Katatonia meets Amorphis. The music has that perfect foundation of death metal with a blanket of doom metal upon it.

The debut release by the group features three epic tracks that span almost twenty minutes. The misery that embodies each track draws the listener back into the “Eternal” days of Paradise Lost at times but more on the death metal side of the spectrum. The track “The Right to Crawl” has a doom death feel right from the start without fully going into the Katatonia or My Dying Bride path but borderlines it. The sludgy death metal riffs that intertwine with the doom atmosphere fit together perfectly throughout the track and continue into the following track “End of the Rope.” The second track opens with an eerie riff that will…

Next gig - Sat 21st November - Charlies Bar, Enniskilen

Next gig!

The Metal Show!

The Crawling are featured on Limerick's "The Metal Show" after the Siege of Limerick. It features a short interview with Andy, as well as the first track from the new EP, "The Right To Crawl."

Sincere thanks to Giz for featuring us!

Listen on mixcloud here.

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Ravage Cererbral

Imposing, massive, dark and handsome. Although a capacity of three titles, the first EP of The Crawling, released via the label Grindscene Records, is impressive. The trio of Northern Ireland, including Andy Clarke (Honey for Christ), signs a gem of doom metal eyeing to death, in a style that is reminiscent of early Paradise Lost. Remarkably worked, both in the instrumentation of the song that the three solid compositions reveal with every listen winding paths that one hastens to discover. Test beautifully transformed for a first offence.
Ravage Cerebral