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Inferno 2016 revisited

Inferno Metal Festival needs no introduction, but for the unfamiliar, it's an extreme metal festival held in Norway to coincide with the Easter weekend. It's an indoor event spanning over a few venues across 4 days, limited to 1200 capacity, showcasing about 40ish bands. 

In 2015 I attended for the first time, attracted by My Dying BrideBehemoth1349BloodbathSecrets Of The Moon, to name but a few. It was simply fantastic. Accommodation is solely based in a nearby high class hotel, in which the bands also stay; I effectively ate breakfast with My Dying Bride and Enslaved one morning! 
Anyway, it was a fabulous festival, the bands were fantastic, but the event itself was just magnificent. I suppose the whole "Norwegian Black Metal" has a lot to do with it, but it did feel like a special event, certainly very different to my annual trip to Hellfest. 

Fast forward 10 months and the band in which I helped form in 2014, THE CRAWLING, received the most peculiar of email…