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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Hell Is Open

The chic cover artwork inspired me directly, on the back, however, is what Grind Scene Records. And Grind is nunmal so not mine. 
So I won all my courage together and promoted the disc into the player, and what comes out of the speakers has nothing at all to do so with the scab. Best bad-tempered with doomy death metal inserts serving Northern Ireland on their 3.Track EP. 
For the The Crawling were not founded until the end of 2014 has the part of an incredibly high quality with which you must be behind nix and hide anyone. If you do not grade edit the guitars like millstone and grind then they massively grooving and pushing out of the speakers. The medium-fast character changes it perfectly between crawling Parts and frenzied explosions. For this purpose a Growlgesang hintendran with neat power and volume, purely from the vocal it sounds like someone with whom you want to fight at night not alone in Northern Ireland hinterland to the last sip of whiskey. 
Sonically I can locate somewher…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Hateful Metal

That it does not take much to convince me to prove The Crawling from Northern Ireland with elegant ease. "In The Light Of Dark Days" is the new EP, which was founded in 2014 tape. Is touted as the whole, Slow Death ', which you can let it go, and I use the term Death Doom appropriate since established, find.

The Crawling do absolutely nothing new. The three compositions provide clean produced and powerful Death Doom represents the melancholic melodies with a haunting, throaty and deep vocals combined. I've often heard so beautiful, yet succeeded in Northern Ireland immediately to convince me of it.

As I mentioned in the first sentence, it took for not much. After all, what has THE CRAWLING immortalized on the Silberling substance, is from beginning to end simply convincing. First, there are the very good melodies. On the one hand to play the guitar is very clear, however - or perhaps because of it - very concisely and effectively. The doomy not rampant and despite the…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Dead Rhetoric

Northern Irish trio The Crawling dig deep into the doom/death well for this debut three song EP In Light of Dark Days. Early Entombed, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost and a pinch of Katatonia comes into play for the thick riff rumbling meets turn on a dime tranquil passage of “The Right to Crawl”( love the dual growl/blackened scream approach). Sparseness sets the tone for “End of the Rope”, while the 8 minute plus closer “Catatonic” contains echoing chords that almost chime and creep sideways during the verses as the vocals growl beneath the surface. A great 20 minute look at an act that could develop into something special considering their under two year tenure together – they have the right attitude, songwriting, and environment to channel the best doom/death tracks.
Dead Rhetoric

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Crossfire

Because you like your Death Metal slow him play so, one talks of Slow Death. Without naming the term Doom, but these sentiments are expressed in slower and faster sections available, even if not in epic depth.2014. The trio of The Crawling founded their first sign of life was the one-track single "Choking On Concrete", but the song is not included on this EP. The Ulsterman offer here three new and clean produced songs that burrow with growls lazily through the cerebral cortex. A whole album would have been but really horny because of this sound can be tolerated more.

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Suffissocore

They are from Northern Ireland like Gama Bomb but to thrash prefer a slow death obsessive who does not bode well. The title of this is rather prophetic because of the lights and bright The Crawling do not seem to want to hear about. Three tracks, which follow the single 'Choking On Concrete', are not sufficient to be able to express an opinion but the full impact with saturated riff of hatred, dirty basslines and the guttural voice is definitely good. 
'The Right To Crawl' is the piece more atmospheric or at least the one that sets the standards of release and 'End Of The Rope' to more direct and lethal. It is up to eight minutes of 'Catatonic' close an ep that could attract the attention of some record label's first band. 
Experience with other bands like Honey For Christ and Zombified allowed members to leave ahead of much of the competition but to establish itself in this kind is not enough to cite Entombed, Bolt Thrower and My Dying Bride. And t…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Iye Zine

Active for a year in the extreme scene, the Northern Irish The Crawling fired the first job, this great EP of three songs, which will weep blood to deathsters old school, especially those who prefer slow and cadenced rhythms on the edge of doom.

The trio of Andy Clarke (guitar and vocals), Stuart Rainey (bass and vocals) and Gary Beattie to the skins, in about twenty minutes presents his sound, very addictive and dark hues, dramatic and evocative, a slow pace who does not mind beautiful acoustic interludes, monolithic party death in a dark and melancholy very impressive. 
The opener The Right To Crawl goes right to the heart of the group's proposal, which does not hesitate darkeggiante metal extreme short acceleration and severed in two by a beautiful acoustic interlude. The two voices, a cavernous growl, and a scream abrasive, accompany us in ghostly landscape drawn by the music of the group, while End Of The Rope smacks of Katatonia, and the cold winter embraces us, including the …

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - El Comenta Mierda

The Crawling is a band from Northern Ireland, which raises an interesting and Death Doom catatonic, not without its most intimate moments, with soft shades, technical and very much in line with the bands of the nineties, how were the Disembowlment and Morgion. 
In the late nineties a style called Death / Doom was created, but that was the prelude to the metal post, a technical style, mixing the two styles but with progressive touches, and above all intended to create or recreate a more atmospheric metal much more intense, and without a typical pattern in the structure of matter, that is not the obvious structures of the issues, something that is very typical of post metal band and the founder of this genre, the Neurosis. 
The first cut is very interesting, "" The Right to Crawl ", presents two different but perfectly basted parts. An acceleration death sounding stale and old school, old school Swedish through and through, combined with an atmospheric riff, that was what…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Gorger's Metal

Irish The Crawling simply call their musical direction “slow death”, something that feels very adequate. If we were to push the trio into a conforming pigeon hole it would be most natural to resort to death/doom.

The trio, formed last year, serves three tracks from 4.5 to 8.5 minutes, and ends up with a total of just over 19.

After some initial calm and discouraged seconds the band shows teeth. The atmosphere is not only mournful, the band also clearly shows displeasure and aggressive aversion.

While grief-stricken guitar tones and deep bass mourns others obliteration and its own tribulation, hard, resounding riffs, fierce drums and infernal vocals swear revenge.
The songs don't invent the wheel anew, but that doesn't matter as long as one creates such good main melody lines, eking with secondary melodies, tempo changes, variety and everything that the available ingredients can offer. The three songs are very good.

Each instrument can basically be highlighted. Much thanks to th…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - XXL Rock

Brevity is the spice, the Ulsterman of "The Crawling" must have thought and present us on their new EP (beginning of the year there was already a 1-track CD) three fresh songs, which on a stately playing time of almost bring twenty minutes.

Far too little, far too short - because the presented material has become truly fantastic. The trio plays the delightfully doomy Death Metal how well hinbekommt him only when the Anglo-Saxons, reminds me, for example, at the very early Anathema, Paradise Lost, or even to "Lost Paradise" times. Very deep growls to meet melodious Death \ Doom which, although here and there has a few speed bursts, but is happening in slow area for the most part. The atmosphere is dark / melancholic to despair, as a music you just have to bring it to market in the fall / winter - perfect timing!

A thoroughly enjoyable debut, "The Crawling" I definitely will keep an eye (and in the ear!), Because here awaits us in the future certainly still a…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - The Pit

Timing is sometimes everything: Since it's raining outside after a few golden autumn days in streams, is cold and uncomfortable and forces you unpack the Kuschelsocken, and out of the speakers blaring Northern Ireland Slow Death of the brand The Crawling. The band makes the weather, and its name, crawls the bleak sound but viscous from the membranes, flatters mysterious feet and then wafts slowly and with relish slowly upwards into the ear canals.

Here the trio with a drum, a guitar and a bass is placed sporadically rather, is especially in times where two to four guitarists rumturnen on stage, a minority. In return, bassist Stuart Rainey and guitarist Gary Beattie share the vocals - and they do it damn good, from deepest growls a stir at the right volume, the intestines, to nasty nagging that causes creep eardrums deep inside the body want is here for fans of death metal case just about anything.

With only three songs, the review remains originating mainly clear, but prospective …

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Voices From The Dark Side

Once upon a time there was a small kingdom located on an island. It was a nice island with beautiful landscapes and astonishing shores. But that was just one side of the coin. On the flipside there was that permanent bad weather, strange food and mediocre beer that all together created a constant bad mood among the people. They became depressed and joyless, so that a few decided to make music to express their sadness and suffering. Some of the more popular ones were groups like MY DYING BRIDE, ANATHEMA and DECOMPOSED. Last mentioned lived up to their own name and the second isn't that sorrowful anymore. 
So there's just one brave entity left to cry out their inmost anxiety and woe. But all those years of grieving has left their marks. And since the weather hasn't changed at all, it happened by the year of 2014 that three pals decided to join the path of depression; to back up the ancient ones on their battle against bliss and joy. THE CRAWLING was born! But it lasted one m…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Metal Talks

And so, as an online Scribbler throws one admittedly often 'nen look in Google litany to catch one or the other information, but in the case of The Crawling this venture is almost hopeless. Then let's make a start.
The from Lisburn (Northern Ireland) coming band The Crawling formed itself in 2014 and served us in their own words Slow Death Metal. Andy Clarke - Guitar / Vocals Stuart Rainey - bass / vocals and Gary Beattie - Drums have already submitted the end of October a 3-track EP, the ear should be worth every diehard fan of dark sounds. New musical Coverage of Northern Ireland is certainly not, it moves the trio with his compositions in an area which is very pleasing and half-baked. Of course you can gain through the sounding of three songs only a rough guide, but what is offered is as just mentioned solid and appealing.

Classic Death Metal sounds dominate the bitter scenario of slow THE CRAWLING world, not entirely in slow motion, but fatally unnerving. Abysmal growls and…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Quien mueve los hilos?

The Crawling is an Irish band that formed in 2014 and this year have released a single and now this Ep. Theirs is a Death Doom, quite technical and sound quite close now to 90, with atmospheric passages and themes that explore the vein more progressive direction, ie, experimental ,.

The EP starts with The Right to Crawl with one Death acceleration in the old way and which environmental hammer very repetitive and insistent riff pylon a good theme with two distinct faces.

End of the Rope starts more quietly, one steeped in a darkness rhythm, acoustic and then continued with a tremolo Thunderstorms in marking the rock theme. A riff that repeats, either acoustic or electric, achieving a very successful atmosphere and make very entertaining topic, not missing a little groove here and there to give consistency and force the issue.

The last issue that we leave these Irish is Catatonic eight minutes which penetrate the darkness thicken the sound and take us in a much darker acoustic tour. V…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Possessed Magazine

The Irish scene is quasi compare Ostfriesland. A small country with many hot combos. Of course, the amount mixed with each other and so it is with "The Crawling". The musicians are otherwise still in "zombified" and "Honey for Christ" active we gambled with bands like "Overoth," Devil Make Three "and" Periodic Slaughter ". Quite young, the trio is no longer well. But the three there want to know, as well as here in East Frisia again. As the circle closes, but I think a lot of old warriors have again get Bock to make Metal. Just as an aside.

Since 2014, there is now this band and as I said, experience is present. In 2015 only thanks came a single, and now these 3 Song Ep. The label Grind Scene Records from Northern Ireland, I also know all its predecessors bands and "The Crawling" but sound then again quite different.
The label or the band describes their style as "Slow Death ". Okay, you can do so, but sounds …

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Metal Purgatory

A lot of amazing bands come out the United Kingdom such as Anathema, Cathedral, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost and The Crawling lives up to where those bands left off. They describe their music as slow death metal which has a reminiscent sound of old Katatonia meets Amorphis. The music has that perfect foundation of death metal with a blanket of doom metal upon it.

The debut release by the group features three epic tracks that span almost twenty minutes. The misery that embodies each track draws the listener back into the “Eternal” days of Paradise Lost at times but more on the death metal side of the spectrum. The track “The Right to Crawl” has a doom death feel right from the start without fully going into the Katatonia or My Dying Bride path but borderlines it. The sludgy death metal riffs that intertwine with the doom atmosphere fit together perfectly throughout the track and continue into the following track “End of the Rope.” The second track opens with an eerie riff that will…

Next gig - Sat 21st November - Charlies Bar, Enniskilen

Next gig!

The Metal Show!

The Crawling are featured on Limerick's "The Metal Show" after the Siege of Limerick. It features a short interview with Andy, as well as the first track from the new EP, "The Right To Crawl."

Sincere thanks to Giz for featuring us!

Listen on mixcloud here.

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Ravage Cererbral

Imposing, massive, dark and handsome. Although a capacity of three titles, the first EP of The Crawling, released via the label Grindscene Records, is impressive. The trio of Northern Ireland, including Andy Clarke (Honey for Christ), signs a gem of doom metal eyeing to death, in a style that is reminiscent of early Paradise Lost. Remarkably worked, both in the instrumentation of the song that the three solid compositions reveal with every listen winding paths that one hastens to discover. Test beautifully transformed for a first offence.
Ravage Cerebral

Thank you Siege of Limerick

We have returned from an amazing trip to the Siege of Limerick. Thanks to everyone who watched us play, came to chat to us and bought our merch. We appreciate your support.

Thanks to all the staff during the event; it was great to have someone run the merch for us, staff to watch our gear, and the very helpful sound engineer! Sincere kudos to John for arranging the event and having us on board - we hope to part of the event again in the future.

Hails to Giz from Limerick Rock Radio for the interview as well - we will have a link to the audio at some stage too.

We have at least one more show before the end of the year - updates to follow!

"In Light of Dark Days" OUT NOW!

"In Light of Dark Days" is officially available now. You can preview the 3 tracks and buy the full EP on CD, or in digital format from our Bandcamp page.
Enjoy, and thanks for the support!

Interview with Stuart - 'TheBigList Northern Ireland'

TheBigList Northern Ireland are featuring The Crawling this week, and were kind enough to interview Stuart. Pick up your copy in local pubs and clubs in the Belfast area.

Thanks for the support guys!

The full interview is below.

Please introduce yourself and the other members of the Crawling?

Stuart Rainey – Bass and vocals, Andy Clarke – Guitar and vocals, Gary Beattie –Drums

What is the band's history? How did the three members find each and start a band? 

I (Stuart) hadn’t been in a band for a few years and had kind of given up on the idea until one night in December 2014 I went to see The Obscene Machine in Belfast. They really blew me away that night and I was determined I was going to get involved in the music scene again. A couple of weeks later I asked Andy if he would be interested in getting a band going. I’d known him since the early 90’s when I was in a Death metal band called Severance. I had seen him play with his band Honey For Christ many times over the years and was…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Metal Ireland

I hate to say it, but when The Crawling put out ‘Choking On Concrete’ some months back, I was completely underwhelmed.
I suspect I wasn’t alone.

It seemed over simplistic, underdeveloped and just not really living up to the promise of the personnel.

It can only have been teething problems, or perhaps just rushing out work-in-progress material much too soon.

Because this fantastic, vastly heavy and utterly despondent doom / death release that we now have here is the absolute business – a world away.

Right from the first plucks, tuned to B and delivered with a morbid torpor, it’s apparent this is going to be brilliant.

Immediately the strains of Mourning Beloveth, Novembers Doom and (of course) My Dying Bride boom out the speakers, enveloping the listener in a wet fug of total misery.

If the guitar sound is collossal, then Stuart’s rough and brutal death growls are even more so: savagely coarse round the edges, sub bass at the low end and a vicious bark at the top.

That simplicity that …

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Planet Mosh

Despite having only emerged from Norn Iron’s dankest extreme metal sewers within the past 12 months, The Crawling are by no means newcomers to the scene over here, with the triumvirate collectively counting nigh on four decades of experience between them.  Guitarist Andy Clarke, for example, was the cornerstone of the lamented Honey For Christ, while drummer Gary Beattie pulls double duty with local death dealers Zombified:  and that connection doesn’t end there, as the trio are also signed to Zombified singer Pete Clarke’s Grindscene label.

So, it should come as no surprise that ‘In Light Of Dark Days’, the band’s second EP in their short career, should be as solid, accomplished and professional as they could possibly achieve.  And, so it is.

‘In Light…’ is wrenched from the darkest, most morbid, most lethargic corners of death metal’s rotten, inchoate soul.   It reaches into the genre’s darkest abyss and glorifies in what it finds, taking its putrid heart and crushing it between its…

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Zipped Hoodie + 'In Light of Dark Days' CD + Button Badge for just £25!
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Interview with Andy - 'Dark Underground Music Zine'

The Crawling Interview - Dark Underground Zine
1.For those that have never heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about the band?
The Crawling is made up of three guys who have a combined love of slow, miserable, death metal type music. All of us have been in various bands throughout the years, and, with the exception of Gary, there was a bit of a lull output wise; so Stuart decided to start a death metal band. He asked me to join on guitar, we refined our sound a bit and, finally Gary joined on drums - the trio was complete!

2.How would you describe your musical sound?
Everyone has their own take on these sort of questions. Personally, i hear a slow death/doom metal band, and i think the other two guys would pretty much agree. That said, there have been a few reviewers who have mentioned a 'black metal' sound to our latter material. So, i suppose The Crawling are a slow death, doom, black metal ensemble!

3.What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects the band…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Phantasmagoria

The upcoming The Crawling formed in early 2014 in Northern Ireland, but despite his young age as a band does not lack experience, as Stuart Rainey on bass and vocals, Andy Clarke on guitar and vocals and Gary Beattie on drums that make up the They have stable and long course in the local underground scene.

This potential heavy trio to be released late next month maiden release under the title In Light Of Dark Days, which will take the form EP, since it contains only three pieces of a total duration of about 20 minutes, while special mention It deserves careful of artwork, which bears witness to the grim and gloom of existence.

The slow-moving music of The Crawling supported by a heavy and rough death metal pattern, but which have successfully dress with bold doom / death elements and faintly funeral doom soundscapes, thereby enhancing the sonic range of In Light Of Dark Days, the flawless flow which, owes much to the frequent and successful changes tempo, attempting the band.

The barr…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Cult Of Necro

Northern Ireland's THE CRAWLING have had an impressive 2015 and it is with the debut of their first EP In Light Of Dark Days that they begin to cement themselves as major contenders in the UK death metal scene.

Released on the solid Grindscene Records, the three tracks that follow after the play button is feverishly tapped are pure melancholy and despair, with the weight of a fucking truck behind the band's sound.

The Right To Crawl starts things off, a soft yet disturbing riff luring you in under false pretences. Because once they bring the heavy, THE CRAWLING crush you with a doom-like pace, only to speed things up for the chorus. It's a showcase of their style, far beyond being "just another death metal band."


End Of The Rope …

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Demonszone

You know something, I really hate it when people give me EP’s to review. They always leave you wanting more, and that is a good thing? This is The Crawling’s In Light of Dark Days.

Seriously, I have just finished blaring the new EP from The Crawling and it just pisses me off that it is a 20 minute EP. Especially when it is this good. I mean, seriously! It just fucks me off something rotten.

The Crawling have a good steady sound that I just love. It is this slow, depressing but very catchy death metal sound. If you are familiar with it at all, you could compare it a little toReverend Bizarre. Especially the final track, Catatonic. A track that sounds like it would make the perfect soundtrack for someone who brung about the black plague and would happily sit there smiling at you amongst a pile of dead corpses. Though the other two tracks are just as good, if not better. My favourite of the three was definitely the more upbeat, The Right to Crawl. It reminded me a lot of the early days o…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Dark Underground Music Zine

The Crawling are a band from the United Kingdom that plays a mixture of doom and death metal and this is a review of their 2015 ep "In Light Of Dark Days" which was released by Grindscene Records. Clean guitar playing starts off the ep before going into a very heavy and melodic musical direction and you can also hear all of the instruments that are present on the recording and when vocals are added into the music they are done in a death metal growling style while you can also hear high pitched screams at times.

Elements of black metal; can be heard in some of the vocals and riffs and the slower sections of the music are very heavily influenced by early 90's doom/death metal and there is a good mixture of both clean and heavy parts throughout the recording and the songs also stick to either a slow or mid paced musical dir…

New lyric video for forthcoming track "End of The Rope"

'End of the Rope' from our forthcoming EP, 'In Light of Dark Days.'

End of the Rope

New EP - "In Light of Dark Days" sneak preview!

"In Light of Dark Days' is complete! A new 3 track EP of utter misery coming soon!
Enjoy this 30 second clip of CATATONIC.

Studio underway!

The recoding process is underway, and it's sounding fantastic! Everything is more or less complete and we're heading to mixing stage.

We are really excited about this and have been working with some great people to get this out before the end of the year.

Stay tuned, and stay miserable...

Gigs done; time for the studio

A couple of great live shows lately in The Warzone Collective, Belfast. Thanks to all the bands, promoters, sound guys, and metalheads we've got to meet over the past month; it's been a blast!

With the live shows wrapped up for a few months, we are concentrating on our forthcoming release and hitting the studio!

We'll keep you updated here, and on the facebook page as to how we're getting on. It should be heavy and miserable, rest assured.

Keep it metal!

Siege Of Limerick

The Crawling are thrilled to announce we will be playing 2015 SEIGE OF LIMERICK. It's a fantastic FREE extreme metal gig held every year, and it's an honour to be added to the bill.

Bank Holiday Sunday,
25th October, 2015
Dolans Pub, Dock rd.
Admission: FREE

Sinmara are headlining the show with their first Irish show, also featuring are Slidhr, Dread Sovereign, Vircolac, Coldwar and Sinate to name a few. Check the facebook event for full details.

We seriously can't wait for this!

LIVE review: Skinnned @ Belfast + Alexanders @ Lisburn

The previous live shows have been a great success!

A sincere thanks to all bands we have toured with over the past few months, and to all the clubs and sound engineers we have had the pleasure of working with.

A couple of short reviews have made it into NI press, courtesy of Belfast Metalheads Reunited and Planet Mosh - cheers guys!

Thanks also to Cara Roberts Art & Photography for the live shots.

Belfast Metalheads Reunited 18/04/2015: "With a single recently out on Grindscene Records The Crawling are a welcome breath of fetid death as they pour out slowed down death, with groove brought in only when needed - the rest of the time the three-piece grind down listeners with intent to injure the aural tracts of all in attendance."

Planet Mosh 09/05./2015: "The arrival of The Crawling signals the “big boys coming out to play”. Their dark, grooving death metal is built on dense hypnotic rhythms and huge harmonic melodies, mixed with dark intensity and topped with positiv…

Online Store now live!

Our new online store is now live!

You can purchase all our t-shirts and CD's direct using paypal or credit/debit card. Buy with confidence!

Click here

Upcoming show

As we are currently enjoying playing some slow death live these days, we've decided to do it some more!

Cheers to all the promoters involved for asking us to play; some new dates have been added. Check the gigs page for full details.

Thursday 26th March 2015 - FA Joes, Lurgan (NI)
Saturday 18th April 2015 - The Warzone, Belfast (NI)
Saturday 9th May 2015 - Alexanders Bar, Lisburn (NI)

LIVE review: The Voodoo - Planet Mosh

"Openers The Crawling are already on stage by the time your humble PR scribe climbs the two flights of stairs to the club room.  Playing only their second ever gig – and their first with this line up – the experience of the constituent members nonetheless shines through immediately.  Their dark, growling, grunting blackened metal has a rock ‘n’ stroll groove, and is deeply melodic and atmospheric, centred around Stuart Rainey’s thick bass sound and Andy Clarke’s impactful minimalistic guitar riffs."

Cheers to Mark Ashby (PLANET MOSH) for the live review: original text here.

Irish tour done!

Well, our Irish Tour with Desecration is finally over! It was a fantastic few days, and we hope to repeat them again!

The Crawling would like to thank all those that came down early to support the band, and especially those that bought t-shirts and grabbed a CD - much appreciated!

Sincere thanks to the bands of the weekend; DESECRATION, ZOMBIFIED, FOETAL JUICE and GUTTRENCH. It was an honour to play among you guys, and it was great to make some new friends!  

Cheers to Mickey and Pete (The Voodoo), Dan Flynn (Carnage Metal Club - Fibbers), and John (Kasbah Social Club) for arranging the shows. We hope to see you all again soon!!

Stay miserable people...

Photo credit: - Paul Verner

CD's and Merch have arrived!

T-Shirts and the CD single "Choking On Concrete" have finally arrived!

If you are at any of the upcoming Irish shows you will receive a FREE CD at the door!!! Not only that, but we are selling our new logo t-shirt for only £5 at the gigs!


Hopefully see some of you this weekend!

Vote for the Crawling to play BLOODSTOCK UK

It's coming up to that festival time of year again, so we figured we put ourselves forward for Bloodstock UK festival. But, to get on to one of the UK's dominant festivals we need help.

Simply visit link below, and vote - we appreciate your support!


 Cheers folks!

Lyric Video online now

We are thrilled to officially release our new lyric video for "Choking On Concrete."
It's on The Crawling You Tube channel as of now.


The Crawling sign with GRIND SCENE RECORDS

We are proud to announce that THE CRAWLING have signed up with underground death metal label GRIND SCENE RECORDS.

We are completely thrilled to be associated with the label, and be placed alongside such great acts as Cerebral Bore, Man Must Die, Zombified, Foul Body Autopsy, and Foetal Juice, to name just a few of the quality bands attached to the Grind Scene roster.

Our debut single "Choking On Concrete" will be officially released Monday 9th February, along with a special FREE give away release campaign! Stay tuned for more info, and don't miss us on our forthcoming Irish Tour with Desecration.

Debut single "CHOKING ON CONCRETE" streaming now!

We are proud to announce that Metal Ireland are exclusively streaming our debut single; "Choking On Concrete."  The feature also includes an interview with Andy, chatting about where the band came from and future plans.

Thanks to Ciaran and the Metal Ireland team for the promotion!

Available here.