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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - El Comenta Mierda

The Crawling is a band from Northern Ireland, which raises an interesting and Death Doom catatonic, not without its most intimate moments, with soft shades, technical and very much in line with the bands of the nineties, how were the Disembowlment and Morgion. 

In the late nineties a style called Death / Doom was created, but that was the prelude to the metal post, a technical style, mixing the two styles but with progressive touches, and above all intended to create or recreate a more atmospheric metal much more intense, and without a typical pattern in the structure of matter, that is not the obvious structures of the issues, something that is very typical of post metal band and the founder of this genre, the Neurosis. 

The first cut is very interesting, "" The Right to Crawl ", presents two different but perfectly basted parts. An acceleration death sounding stale and old school, old school Swedish through and through, combined with an atmospheric riff, that was what I said before, post metal style, and machacones repetitive riffs. In the second section; tear with a gentle rhythms, progressive rock, rock or dark, very Black Sabbath with a fast tremolo guitars that echo acoustic rhythm guitar are made, and moving at a pace with an accelerating electric guitars tremolo . 

The whole subject is constructed through this riff, speed it up, pass it to sound so all the time, but not reach us never bored, because The Crawling, always get a positive effect on his compositions, it is always sound atmospheric and very strong the link is a small bridge or interlude groove on guitars, used glue to fit the puzzle. 

And the album ends with Catatonic, the longest track of all the work with 8 minutes, which lives up to its name, the darker rhythms are hidden in this issue. Such is the darkness that distorted bass, accompanying the battery, verging on noise and drone, but defintivamente are installed on the Sludge, until again one insistent, obsessive, repetitive and hypnotic riff that appears by moving a world of deep sadness and melancholy seizes the issue and with a very slow tempo, is dedicated to developing the atmosphere. 

The Crawling are a band with a great future, and they will do great things when they edit their first album, with this ep, is offering a cover letter that will help them to open all doors.



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