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Saturday 8th April 2016 - The Limelight 2, Belfast (NI) - 5PM - £5
w/ Shrouded, Valpurga *ALBUM LAUNCH*



Friday 6th January 2016 - Voodoo, Belfast (NI) - 9PM - £FREE
w/ Scimitar, Neamhni


Sunday 30th October 2015 - SIEGE OF LIMERICK  - Dolans Pub, Limerick (IRE) - 1PM - €FREE
w/ Dead Congregation, Warrior Soul, Incarceration, Zealot Cult, Coscradh + more

Friday 28th October 2016 - GHOULSTOCK - The Warzone, Belfast (NI) - 8PM - £8
w/ Drakonis, Neamhni, Warpath, Drakonis, Owlcrusher + more

Friday 14th October 2016 - Mid Ulster Madness VI - The Underground, Draperstown (NI) - 10PM - £5
w/ Eelectric Octupus, Kryptic State

Saturday 3rd September 2016 - The Limelight 2, Belfast (NI) - 5PM - £5
w/ Drakonis, Valpurga

Friday 12th August 2016 - BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR 2016 - New Blood Stage (UK) -TBC
w/ Twisted Sister, Behemoth, Venom, Gojira, Paradise Lost, Rotting Christ, Vallenfyre, Satyricon, Slayer, Akercocke + more - buy tickets here

Saturday 6th August 2016 - SUNFLOWER FESTIVAL, Hillsborough (NI) - PM
w/ The Strypes, Le Galaxie, King Kong Company, Trucker Diablo + more - buy tickets here

Friday 6th May 2016 - Voodoo, Belfast (NI) - 8PM - £5
w/ Scimitar, Sinocence, SLUTS, Cursed Sun, Drakonis

Thursday 5th May 2016 - Eglantine Bar, Belfast (NI) - 9PM - £FREE
w/ Scimitar, Shrouded

Saturday 30th April 2016 - The Limelight 2, Belfast (NI) - 5PM - £5
w/ Erosion, Scimitar, Shrouded

Friday 8th April 2016 - Voodoo, Belfast (NI) - 8PM - £5
w/ Donum Dei, Oracle, Sinocence, Towers

Friday 25th March 2016 - Revlover, Oslo (NO) - 01:30AM
w/ Nile, Mayhem, Marduk, Suffocation, Moonsorrow, Exodus, ICS Vortex + more...

Saturday 20th February 2016 - Alexanders Bar, Lisburn (NI) - 4PM - £5
w/ Daniel Wax Off, Acid Age, Snowblind, Shrouded, St. Slaughter, Catastrophe, Deathbus, Coffinlust

Saturday 9th January 2016 - The Warzone, Belfast (NI) - 8PM - £7
w/ Disconnect, Wardomized, Shrouded, Neamhni, Imperium


Saturday 21st November 2015 - Charlies Bar, Ennskillen (NI) - 9PM - £5
w/ Shrouded, Oracle

Sunday 25th October 2015 - Dolans Pub, Limerick (IRE) - 12 Midday - €FREE
SEIGE OF LIMERICK - w/ Sinmara, Sidhr, Dread Sovereign, Coldwar + more

Saturday 8th August 2015 - The Warzone, Belfast (NI) - 9PM - £10
DEVESTATIONFEST - w/ Zombified, + more

Friday 24th July 2015 - The Warzone, Belfast (NI) - 9PM - £8
w/ Ceaseless Blight, Drakonis, Unyielding Love, Lucid Nightmare

Saturday 9th May 2015 - Alexanders Bar, Lisburn (NI) - 7PM - £5
w/ Imperium, Shrouded, Eviserator, Catastrophe, SaintSlaughter, Disconnect, Wardomized, Zombified, Acid Age

Saturday 18th April 2015 - The Warzone, Belfast (NI) - 7PM - £5
w/ Zombified, + Wardomized, Skinned

Thursday 26th March 2015 - FA Joes, Lurgan (NI) - 8PM - £5
w/ For Christ's Sake, Shrouded

Saturday 21st February 2015 - Dolans, Limerick (IRE) - 8.30pm - €6
w/Desecration, Zombified, Foetal Juice

Friday 20th February 2015  - Fibber Magees, Dublin (IRE) - €6
w/Desecration, Zombified, Foetal Juice, Guttrench

Thursday 19th February 2015 - Voodoo Bar, Belfast (NI) - £6
w/Desecration, Zombified, Foetal Juice

Friday 24th October 2014 - The Voodoo, Belfast (NI) - 8pm - £6
w/ Squash Bowels, Abaddon Incarnate, Zombified

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