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LIVE review: Metal2TheMasses final - Chord Blossom

After six heats and three semi finals, Belfast’s Metal 2 the Masses competition drew to a close in Voodoo on Friday night. In with a shot at playing Bloodstock’s New Blood stage were Sinocence, Scimitar, The Crawling, Drakonis, So Long Until the Seance/SLUTS and Cursed Sun.

It fell to rockers Sinocence to open up proceedings, which they did with all the aplomb they could muster as scene veterans. Their metallic rock was in fine fettle this evening, even with a slight bass amp issue; it was a passionate set that certainly did the job of warming up the crowd.

Old school thrash hit the stage next in the form of Scimitar, who almost blew the roof off with their tight, thrashy grooves. Within seconds the room was full of flailing hair and raised horns (not to mention plastic swords); who can resist a bit of proper, early Metallica-type thrash? No one, going by the response they received.

Gloomy atmospherics and a dark stage wreathed in smoke saw The Crawling creep in and up their game in a bi…

LIVE review: Metal2TheMasses final - Jace Media

Playing at Bloodstock festival is but a distant dream for many UK metal bands; however, with the Metal 2 the Masses competition, that dream can actually become a reality. In Belfast, the second year of M2TM started back in late January: six heats and three semi finals later, we arrived at the final on Friday night in Voodoo. As usual there was only one judge this time, Bloodstock’s Simon Hall, who made his second jaunt over from England to check out exactly what the Northern Ireland music scene has to offer his hallowed festival.

First off the blocks were rockers Sinocence, who, after a long and atmospheric intro, launched into their set of punchy, metal-edged rock. Right from the start they gave their absolute all before the packed venue, from opening track ‘Long Way Down’ to final number (“one of our favourites”, according to frontman Moro) ‘Metal Box’. Even a sudden issue with the bass amp does little to dampen their enthusiasm – they’re the perfect band to open up proceedings.


LIVE review: Metal2TheMasses final - Cult of Necro

This is the big one. The finals of the Bloodstock Metal 2 the Masses in Belfast. The road here has been full of excellent heats, highlighting some of the best talent performing, not just in this city, but anywhere.

Apologies to SINOCENCE, who We ended up missing thanks to a late arrival.

Making the first band We catch SCIMITAR, who start things off with their high-impact thrash attack. Songs like Behead The Beast add the speed, and new track Sleepy Hollow is well structured, but maintains that fun quality thrash can have. The night before upstairs in the Eglantine was most certainly just a warm up, because all the energy comes out tonight. The crowd are really into it too, getting everyone moving; a solid act.

This is followed by THE CRAWLING, who emit a blackened feeling of impending dread that creeps in and chills your veins from the very beginning. Songs like The Right To Crawl are absolutely savage. The hooks sink in deep, staying with you, with their infliction of melancholia res…

LIVE review: Metal2TheMasses final - Belfast Metalheads Reunited

SIX bands emerged from five heats and three semis to take to the stage in Belfast's Voodoo for the Northern Ireland final of Metal2TheMasses and a chance to play Bloodstock Open Air.

The sheer weight of talent on display throughout the weeks and months leading up to the final on Friday, 6th May. And, in Belfast it is appropriate to call the fight for Bloodstock it a titanic battle.

The prize was enough to see all on display push themselves further, cranking up the power and letting loose riffs and shredding.

With the running order chosen at random Sinocence took to the stage first. The bar was set high early with songs honed to razor sharp edge. New stickman Ben has helped transform their melodic metal into a brooding monster.

It was like a Vulcan mind meld between the four members as they pounded through their half-hour slot.

Then the swords were held aloft asScimitar brought thrash to the party. Bringing back their codology with plastic Scimitars handed out to the crowd. The band ros…

The Crawling to play BLOODSTOCK 2016

We are pleased to announce we won the M2TM competition, and will be playing BLOODSTOCK 2016!!!!!

All the bands played strong sets tonight, and shows the wealth of talent in Northern Ireland.

Sincere thanks to everyone involved; the bands for getting together and supplying gear, the sound guys for making it heavy, Simon Hall from BLOODSTOCK for coming over to personally watch the bands, the crowd support from day one, and finally to James Loveday for making it happen.

Stay miserable. Bloodstock; we are coming...

The Crawling in Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses FINAL

We are thrilled to announce we have made it into the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses FINAL next friday in Belfast!

All the bands in our semi final were fantastic, and of course congratulations to Scimitar for coming first! Special kudos to Shrouded, who played a blinding set, and Erosion - great night all round.

We hope to see you all next Friday for the final!