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CD review: 'Anatomy Of Loss' - Skullfukker

This is a new experience to me but as soon as I randomly start listening to 'An Immaculate Deception & 'Acid On My Skin' I'm fuckin' excited 'cause this is hard hitting quality doom metal but at the same time it does not leave you waiting for world doom part 3.

It's aggressive,punchy,catchy and all you want from a good album really,I forgot to mention brutal 'cause it is at times ,like a mix of death metal and doom metal, I guess it depends on how you see it.
Anyways, 'Anatomy Of Loss' is suitable for most occations, I'm having a small party now and when I out out of a sudden decided to try this one the party suddenly moved to the next level and everybpdy seeems satisfied.

What you get is 7 long lasting tracks from 5-9 mins and value for every penney, and by the way it's spinning for the second time now by popular demand.

The Crawling is a band who knows what they do and leave nothing to coincidences, it's professionally excecuted a…

CD review: 'Anatomy Of Loss' - Antichrist Magazine

The Irish extreme metal scene is bustling at the moment, as anyone who’s witnessed a raft of excellent acts making the short hop across the water to perform at the UK’s most eminent outdoor extreme metal festival, Bloodstock Open Air in recent years, will gladly testify.

Last August one of the acts from the Emerald Isle to really make their mark at Catton Park was The Crawling. Remarkably for relative newcomers, The Crawling also managed to secure an invite to perform at Inferno in Norway, so one way or another they’re own brand of blackened death/doom has reached a wide audience over the past 12 months.

Now is the time for us to further familiarise ourselves with this Lisburn-based trio through the release of their eagerly anticipated debut album Anatomy of Loss. Having had a couple of singles already under their belt, any flaws have by now well and truly been ironed out and The Crawling are not pulling their punches with this release, the handling of which is being managed by Grindsc…

Interview: Planet Mosh

If you remember Bloodstock last year (it’s okay we were all drunk too) you will know I had the pleasure of interviewing the most un-miserable bunch of Irishmen in existence to play the Newblood Stage, The Crawling. At that point they hinted of exciting things to come, so let’s find out what they have been up to.

Nice to speak to you lads again!

I hear there are lots of exciting things going on in The Crawling camp.

Last year at Bloodstock we had a good old gab and you mentioned that when it was winter and it was dark and miserable a new album would be coming out, and I see now there is a release date!

Now, you mentioned that the album was pretty much written at Bloodstock last year so it has been a wee while in the making. Was that intentional?

Not entirely. We were working on the final 2 tracks around Bloodstock time, and to be honest they took a bit longer than expected to get nailed down. The structures were sorted, and we’d been playing them live; but when it came to sorting out t…

CD review: 'Anatomy Of Loss' - Belfast Metalheads Reunited

The agonies of life, the pain of loss, the morose mundane existence of 21st Century life - yes The Crawling haven't released a happy clappy d├ębut album full of soaring choruses and posed pretentiousness with 'Anatomy of Loss'.

It is sourced from living in a bleak commuter town pretending to be a city; concrete corrosiveness and a stark pretentious populace blithely living in a bubble of hyper-normalisation, consumerism, avoiding reality lest it intrude on their narcissistic lives.

Andy, Stuart and Gary have produced an album ridden with pain, as they say on 'Poison Orange' the sense of "drowning in horror" pervades each tortured note.

If there is hope to be taken from this album, it is only the almost cathartic realisation that others share your loathing for what passes as civilisation.

Musically doom, sludge and bleak metal have been absorbed into a sensibility where the despair on "Acid On My Skin" is the most 'cheerful' sounding track, w…

CD review: 'Anatomy Of Loss' - DarkUndergroundMusicZine

The Crawling are a band from Northern Ireland that has been featured before in this zine and plays a mixture of doom and death metal with some black metal touches and this is a review of their 2017 album "Anatomy Of Loss" which will be released in April by Grindscence Records.

Melodic riffing and spoken word parts start off the album and you can also hear all of the musical instruments that are presented on the recording and after awhile death metal growls along with a few black metal screams make their presence known on the recording and the solos and leads also use a great amount of melody.

Some of the tracks are very long and epic in length while the slow riffing is very heavily rooted in doom metal along with a great amount of early 90's influences and as the album progresses clean playing can also be heard in certain …

CD review: 'Anatomy Of Loss' - Cadaver Garden

With a massive and overpowering sound, The Crawling comes out with Anatomy of Loss, their brand new upcoming seven track release. With the combination of death and doom metal as well as some dismal atmospheres, The Crawling creates a sound that is bitter, melancholic, angry, twisted and more and it all strikes at the heart of the listener. The sound is unmistakable and unavoidable once you press play, and as soon as you do you end up getting wrapped up in abyssal clouds of atmosphere and dark, dense and heavy death metal riddled doom.

The Crawling begin Anatomy of Loss with An Immaculate Deception which hits you square in the chest with anvil heavy riffs and sledgehammer drumming and from then on the tone is set for the rest of the record. After the first few minutes of this release you understand just how heavy and monolithic it really is. Anatomy of Loss is a crushing release that engulfs you in bitter darkness for the entirety with not a single ray of light at the end of the abyss…

EXCLUSIVE world premier of new single "An Immaculate Deception"

*EXCLUSIVE world premier of our new single "An Immaculate Deception" will be played tonight on Metal Messiah Radio by DJ Daryl Smith.*
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