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CD review: 'Anatomy Of Loss' - Cadaver Garden

With a massive and overpowering sound, The Crawling comes out with Anatomy of Loss, their brand new upcoming seven track release. With the combination of death and doom metal as well as some dismal atmospheres, The Crawling creates a sound that is bitter, melancholic, angry, twisted and more and it all strikes at the heart of the listener. The sound is unmistakable and unavoidable once you press play, and as soon as you do you end up getting wrapped up in abyssal clouds of atmosphere and dark, dense and heavy death metal riddled doom.

The Crawling begin Anatomy of Loss with An Immaculate Deception which hits you square in the chest with anvil heavy riffs and sledgehammer drumming and from then on the tone is set for the rest of the record. After the first few minutes of this release you understand just how heavy and monolithic it really is. Anatomy of Loss is a crushing release that engulfs you in bitter darkness for the entirety with not a single ray of light at the end of the abyss. The band themselves state that this record is about “loss, regret and despondency” and they do a great job of making you feel all of those.

All throughout this release you get a healthy dose of both death metal and doom and The Crawling does a great job of sewing the two together to create a heavy and damning sound. Not only that but they change up the tempo quite frequently as one minute you might be listening to some soul crushing doom and the very next they change gears straight into an onslaught of death. The variety and diversity keep you guessing and keep you listening as to what you will be getting next. Anatomy of Loss has a lot of different elements to it that make it an intriguing and unique listen and gives you plenty to look for and listen for.

Each of the seven songs on Anatomy of Loss are lengthy which gives The Crawling plenty of time to wrap you up in their twisting and ever darkening brand of metal. These songs grab you straight away by the throat never to let you go until the final song has concluded and that does not happen for a while. Through this lengthy release you get showered with gut punching drumming and crushed by terrifyingly heavy riffs along with spine rattling bass lines and shoving their way through the wonderfully dark metallic noises are the hellish vocals.

Anatomy of Loss is an incredibly heavy record and that is due to the musicianship of course as well as the soul devouring atmosphere and through seven songs all of that encompasses you sealing off all light from your life for the time being. This is a great listen, one that is filled with plenty of emotion and of course some of the heaviest of music. The Crawling have crafted something here that is intoxicating and incredibly heavy and more than that, they have crafted a record that you have a hard time putting down.

Anatomy of Loss will be out April 7, 2017 through Grindscene Records.

You can check The Crawling out on Facebook as well as their own website. And you can find everything Grindscene Records right on their website.


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