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Interview at Bloodstock 2016 - 'Metal Nation News'

The Crawling: a doom-tastic band hailing from Northern Ireland, their music a bleak wretchedness set ablaze with phosphorescent soundscapes, diverse structures and intricate melodies.

I interviewed Gary Beattie, Andy Clarke and Stuart Rainey to get an in-depth look at what makes The Crawling tick.

Am I right that you won the Northern Ireland metal to the masses?

Andy: We won the Belfast region final. It’s fantastic, we really enjoyed it.

Is it your first time here, then?

Andy: As a band, yes. We have been here as fans but not as a band before.

How does that feel? Now you’re on the stage!

Andy: It’s fantastic! Whenever you go to a festival you don’t expect to be standing on the stage a year later – It’s basically as good as it gets.

Do you have anything special planned for your set? 

Andy: Just a couple of tracks off the new album, two of which featured on our last EP. The problem is, being in a doom-death band our songs are quite long so we’re actually only playing four songs.

So how lo…

LIVE review: Bloodstock 2016 - The Moshville Times

After hearing the last few songs of XII boar, I meandered over to the New Blood tent to catch the last bit of The Crawling (8).
Having a kind of doom sound mixed with death metal vocals, I was suitably impressed by them. The crowd present for them seemed to be too with a lot of folk banging their heads or fist pumping the air.

Bloodstock 2016 – Friday (James’s view)The Moshville Times

LIVE review: Bloodstock 2016 - Myglobalmind Online Magazine

Of course, it’s not all about the main stage and with Jay Hawkins out and about catching bands across the other three, there will be his words and pictures to follow in due course. 
Not wanting to be outdone or miss something special, a brief reprise from Venom’s set allowed an opportunity to take in The Crawling. On the New Blood stage, The Crawling play a mix of Doom and Death metal and in Andy Clarke have a great front man and vocalist. His roars and guitar work were second to none and it was pleasing to see the quality of musicianship between the three members. 
Stuart Rainey played in 90’s death metal legends Severance, Andy fronted Honey For Christ for 14 years, and Gary Beattie is still drumming for Zombified. As such tight and experienced sums up their set perfectly.

Adrian HextallMyglobalmind Online Magazine

The Crawling press overload!

Bloodstock and the upcoming Siege of Limerick has been a busy time for us, and we have received some amazing support from radio stations, TV, youtube, photographers, and streaming sites.

Below features some of the fun we have been having!

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Metal1

Founded only in 2014, another short-publication put the Ulsterman THE CRAWLING after her single "Choking On Concrete" by: Three tracks are there become that now brings out the trio on an EP, entitled "In The Light Of Dark Days".

While the cover - all in black and white and with a sad-faced female figure - would not fall out of the frame in Doom or dark metal sector, usually associates more with the death metal band logo. The (musical) is somewhere in between: With harsh growls, distorted bass and catchy midtempo riffing ( "The Right To Crawl") of Death Metal is indeed the most represented in the music of the trio, with simple held, but atmospheric Clean guitars and However, atmospheric samples as at the beginning of slow-doomy "Catatonic" have tHE CRAWLING also gloomy and sluggish elements in their sound, and to offer more than just blunt death metal. Although the songwriting may malfunction even a bit more sophisticated and diversified, but in t…

Bloodstock 2016 is officially over!

There are loads of people that we would like to thank, and apologise in advance for anyone we may have forgotten; but there were so many that made this whole thing happen.

Thanks to; James Loveday from The Distortion Project for hosting the MTM event, the Belfast metal community for voting for us throughout the heats, all the bands we played alongside to get to Bloodstock, and of course Simon Hall for choosing us to play the New Blood Stage.

We would like to sincerely thank all the Bloodstock staff and organisers who looked after us on the day, particularly "Ammo" for keeping us right, our techs on the day, the sound engineers, and anyone else involved in the running of the New Blood Stage.

We really appreciate all the radio stations, magazines, webzines, you tubers, photographers, that took time to chat with us; it was a lot of fun! Thanks to Andy Pennington for arranging!!!

It was also fantastic to see so many Irish bands leave their mark at Bloodstock - hails to Zlatanera, Ra…

Sunflowerfest is now a more miserable place...

A huge word of thanks for everyone that came to see us at Sunflowerfest yesterday (especially you guys that bought merch)! It was a great day out, and a different experience for us to play such an event - especially during the day! :D

Cheers to the sound engineers, stage hands, and all those involved who ensured everything ran smoothly.

We hope to return again.

Stay miserable.