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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Rockhard

Who is in in love with the old Anathema, My Dying Bride or even Paradise Lost should definitely check out these northern Irish guys “The Crawling”. The Trio was just set up 2 years ago and “In Light of Dark Days” is the first sign of life, beside of a single track.

Those weeping willows from the Isle celebrate Doom Death with a whole bunch of passion and dedication, though some big melodies are missing here and there to be on one level with the already mentioned acts. But: The approach is really impressive. Diversion is written very tall and beside of mighty riff passages there are also acoustic elements to keep the listeners ear on it. If they can get this atmosphere a little catchier, The Crawling will definitely look towards a gloryful future!

Rock Hard
Patrick Schmidt

INFERNO is done!

Inferno Metal Festival is done! We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone that came down to see us play Revolver at INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL NORWAY. It was a fantastic experience to play to such an amazing crowd, so far from home. A heart felt thanks to everyone that banged their heads, sang along, and bought merch.
Special kudos to Eric for the sound, Sarah for looking after us so well, and everyone involved in the event.
Norway - we salute you. 
Stay miserable...

Fan video - "The Right To Crawl"

A fan video for "The Right To Crawl" from the EP, "In Light of Dark Days" has appeared on YouTube. It's pretty surreal, but we love it! Cheers to the creator Paul David - check it out!

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Necromance

From Northern Ireland, Lisburn, the EP advancement of this band that make doom death metal or as they are called Slow Death Metal, comes THE CRAWLING . Newly formed in 2014, we are approaching this world of misery and contempt around us along three songs that form their EP "In Light Of Dark Days", recreating a dark and aggressive atmosphere, with very heavy guitars and a guttural deep and torn by Andy Clarke a suicio and forceful low by Stuart Rainey also makes his vocal escapades and accompanying pecusiĆ³n hand perfectly Gary Beattie.

It is a dark disk, where happiness is left parked across the sidewalk is impossible to achieve and which have been published by GrindScene Records and a very good artwork design and charcoal where a female figure is diluted in the dark .

"The Right To Crawl" begins show journey into darkness, slowly, with hints doom and guitars reminiscent of MY DYING BRIDE, while the guttural voice appears to accelerate the pace and enter a dark debacl…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Metal Invader

No one can deny that in recent years it’s common for extreme bands to fuse the Death Metal genre with other genres. Most of the times, this union proves to be a successful one, as the overall results exceed our expectations, by delivering something different and oftenly unique, yet pleasing to our ears.

Following this path, today we’ll be dealing with a band called The Crawling, coming from Lisburn, Northern Ireland. This three-piece band has been active since 2014 and so far has released a single (“Chocking on Concrete”, 2015) and an EP entitled “In Light of Dark Days”, which is our deal here. It consists of three tracks, “The Right to Crawl”, “End of the Rope” and “Catatonic”, having a total runtime of 20 minutes.

“In Light of Dark Days” oozes anger, disgust with life and a profound will to dwell in madness and psychological instability. The Crawling managed to combine Sweden’s Melodic Death Metal with Doom passages and fierce vocals. The riffs used vary in rhythms and heaviness; ther…