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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Rockhard

Who is in in love with the old Anathema, My Dying Bride or even Paradise Lost should definitely check out these northern Irish guys “The Crawling”. The Trio was just set up 2 years ago and “In Light of Dark Days” is the first sign of life, beside of a single track.

Those weeping willows from the Isle celebrate Doom Death with a whole bunch of passion and dedication, though some big melodies are missing here and there to be on one level with the already mentioned acts. But: The approach is really impressive. Diversion is written very tall and beside of mighty riff passages there are also acoustic elements to keep the listeners ear on it. If they can get this atmosphere a little catchier, The Crawling will definitely look towards a gloryful future!

Rock Hard
Patrick Schmidt


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THE CRAWLING is a three-piece Slow Death/Doom Metal band, originating in the United Kingdom, but now located in Northern Ireland. Formed in 2014, this is the band’s debut EP release, which contains three tracks. The six-minute “The Right to Crawl” opens the EP. True to the genre description, it is a slow moving song with a doomy feeling. The vocal style varies in range from low to high, but much of it is in the upper register and I can’t help but hearing some Black Metal influence to this song as well, especially when the song picks up pace, presumably during the chorus section. The song has substantial weight as well, as if it was slowly crushing the breath out of you.

“End of the Rope” is the second track. This four-minute song has a pensive and suspenseful opening, until the main distorted guitar kicks in the door with the force of a giant from the mountains beyond. Lumbering vocals and sunken guitar notes underscore the bottomless and hopeless feeling of the song, and this is clear…