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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Necromance

From Northern Ireland, Lisburn, the EP advancement of this band that make doom death metal or as they are called Slow Death Metal, comes THE CRAWLING . Newly formed in 2014, we are approaching this world of misery and contempt around us along three songs that form their EP "In Light Of Dark Days", recreating a dark and aggressive atmosphere, with very heavy guitars and a guttural deep and torn by Andy Clarke a suicio and forceful low by Stuart Rainey also makes his vocal escapades and accompanying pecusiĆ³n hand perfectly Gary Beattie.

It is a dark disk, where happiness is left parked across the sidewalk is impossible to achieve and which have been published by GrindScene Records and a very good artwork design and charcoal where a female figure is diluted in the dark .

"The Right To Crawl" begins show journey into darkness, slowly, with hints doom and guitars reminiscent of MY DYING BRIDE, while the guttural voice appears to accelerate the pace and enter a dark debacle, with duality of voices ranging from acute and guttural. It is an endless mountain that rises and falls constantly pace, but like a marshland it were grabs you and hypnotizes you with the melodies of guitars.

"End Of The Rope". Has a mysterious beginning and acoustic, where the heaviest records in both vocal and guitar riffs make their presence, a march towards the abyss without pause, alternating acoustic beautiful passages with dense and heavy riffs distorted. A short but intense theme with a more open closure, with hints of black post.

"Catatonic" is the last track of this EP and the longest in turn is one of the ones I like, though with only three subjects and three good is difficult to keep some, but chose this for its composition musical, more spun from a sedate start, introducing us to the sound of a storm and rain that interweaves with the original bass and rhythmic percussion, while the guitars and voices through the curtain of water appear. A theme doom or slow death, dense, heavy and melodic, which develops and accelerates at intervals showing a malignant aggressiveness with bass and treble guttural cries, (this part is amazing, the counterpoint to get with alternating rhythms) to return back to their heavy travel through the mud. In its final part, it changes structurally and with a strong rhythm guitar adds a touch of class to the theme tune, varying it in terms of voices and guitars to return to home and put the finishing touch.

THE CRAWLING with this EP, leaves a good taste waiting for his long life, he knows a little three very good songs which especially emphasizes "Catatonic" and secondly "End Of The Rope". An EP that will listen dozens of times in the remaining days of winter.



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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Metal Temple

THE CRAWLING is a three-piece Slow Death/Doom Metal band, originating in the United Kingdom, but now located in Northern Ireland. Formed in 2014, this is the band’s debut EP release, which contains three tracks. The six-minute “The Right to Crawl” opens the EP. True to the genre description, it is a slow moving song with a doomy feeling. The vocal style varies in range from low to high, but much of it is in the upper register and I can’t help but hearing some Black Metal influence to this song as well, especially when the song picks up pace, presumably during the chorus section. The song has substantial weight as well, as if it was slowly crushing the breath out of you.

“End of the Rope” is the second track. This four-minute song has a pensive and suspenseful opening, until the main distorted guitar kicks in the door with the force of a giant from the mountains beyond. Lumbering vocals and sunken guitar notes underscore the bottomless and hopeless feeling of the song, and this is clear…