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Thank you Siege of Limerick

We have returned from an amazing trip to the Siege of Limerick. Thanks to everyone who watched us play, came to chat to us and bought our merch. We appreciate your support.

Thanks to all the staff during the event; it was great to have someone run the merch for us, staff to watch our gear, and the very helpful sound engineer! Sincere kudos to John for arranging the event and having us on board - we hope to part of the event again in the future.

Hails to Giz from Limerick Rock Radio for the interview as well - we will have a link to the audio at some stage too.

We have at least one more show before the end of the year - updates to follow!

"In Light of Dark Days" OUT NOW!

"In Light of Dark Days" is officially available now. You can preview the 3 tracks and buy the full EP on CD, or in digital format from our Bandcamp page.
Enjoy, and thanks for the support!

Interview with Stuart - 'TheBigList Northern Ireland'

TheBigList Northern Ireland are featuring The Crawling this week, and were kind enough to interview Stuart. Pick up your copy in local pubs and clubs in the Belfast area.

Thanks for the support guys!

The full interview is below.

Please introduce yourself and the other members of the Crawling?

Stuart Rainey – Bass and vocals, Andy Clarke – Guitar and vocals, Gary Beattie –Drums

What is the band's history? How did the three members find each and start a band? 

I (Stuart) hadn’t been in a band for a few years and had kind of given up on the idea until one night in December 2014 I went to see The Obscene Machine in Belfast. They really blew me away that night and I was determined I was going to get involved in the music scene again. A couple of weeks later I asked Andy if he would be interested in getting a band going. I’d known him since the early 90’s when I was in a Death metal band called Severance. I had seen him play with his band Honey For Christ many times over the years and was…

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Metal Ireland

I hate to say it, but when The Crawling put out ‘Choking On Concrete’ some months back, I was completely underwhelmed.
I suspect I wasn’t alone.

It seemed over simplistic, underdeveloped and just not really living up to the promise of the personnel.

It can only have been teething problems, or perhaps just rushing out work-in-progress material much too soon.

Because this fantastic, vastly heavy and utterly despondent doom / death release that we now have here is the absolute business – a world away.

Right from the first plucks, tuned to B and delivered with a morbid torpor, it’s apparent this is going to be brilliant.

Immediately the strains of Mourning Beloveth, Novembers Doom and (of course) My Dying Bride boom out the speakers, enveloping the listener in a wet fug of total misery.

If the guitar sound is collossal, then Stuart’s rough and brutal death growls are even more so: savagely coarse round the edges, sub bass at the low end and a vicious bark at the top.

That simplicity that …

CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Planet Mosh

Despite having only emerged from Norn Iron’s dankest extreme metal sewers within the past 12 months, The Crawling are by no means newcomers to the scene over here, with the triumvirate collectively counting nigh on four decades of experience between them.  Guitarist Andy Clarke, for example, was the cornerstone of the lamented Honey For Christ, while drummer Gary Beattie pulls double duty with local death dealers Zombified:  and that connection doesn’t end there, as the trio are also signed to Zombified singer Pete Clarke’s Grindscene label.

So, it should come as no surprise that ‘In Light Of Dark Days’, the band’s second EP in their short career, should be as solid, accomplished and professional as they could possibly achieve.  And, so it is.

‘In Light…’ is wrenched from the darkest, most morbid, most lethargic corners of death metal’s rotten, inchoate soul.   It reaches into the genre’s darkest abyss and glorifies in what it finds, taking its putrid heart and crushing it between its…

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