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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Iye Zine

Active for a year in the extreme scene, the Northern Irish The Crawling fired the first job, this great EP of three songs, which will weep blood to deathsters old school, especially those who prefer slow and cadenced rhythms on the edge of doom.

The trio of Andy Clarke (guitar and vocals), Stuart Rainey (bass and vocals) and Gary Beattie to the skins, in about twenty minutes presents his sound, very addictive and dark hues, dramatic and evocative, a slow pace who does not mind beautiful acoustic interludes, monolithic party death in a dark and melancholy very impressive. 

The opener The Right To Crawl goes right to the heart of the group's proposal, which does not hesitate darkeggiante metal extreme short acceleration and severed in two by a beautiful acoustic interlude. The two voices, a cavernous growl, and a scream abrasive, accompany us in ghostly landscape drawn by the music of the group, while End Of The Rope smacks of Katatonia, and the cold winter embraces us, including the elegant gait beginning semiacustico and anger expressed in moments of violent electricity. 

The last track is the most diverse of the trio of proposed songs, slow funeral march punctuated by slow strokes that Beattie inflicts on the drumkit, before a return to metallize all with the entry into the field of six strings. Catatonic consists of monolithic riffs, the atmosphere becomes sinister and suggestive swing between intimate moments and outbursts death, gives the song a dark halo made ​​even darker by the arrival of a storm. 

Katatonia, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost are the first band reference to the sound of The Crawling however that is appreciated for the excellent atmosphere suffered and good personality, a must if you love to listen to these sounds, promoted.



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