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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Demonszone

You know something, I really hate it when people give me EP’s to review. They always leave you wanting more, and that is a good thing? This is The Crawling’s In Light of Dark Days.

Seriously, I have just finished blaring the new EP from The Crawling and it just pisses me off that it is a 20 minute EP. Especially when it is this good. I mean, seriously! It just fucks me off something rotten.

The Crawling have a good steady sound that I just love. It is this slow, depressing but very catchy death metal sound. If you are familiar with it at all, you could compare it a little toReverend Bizarre. Especially the final track, Catatonic. A track that sounds like it would make the perfect soundtrack for someone who brung about the black plague and would happily sit there smiling at you amongst a pile of dead corpses. Though the other two tracks are just as good, if not better. My favourite of the three was definitely the more upbeat, The Right to Crawl. It reminded me a lot of the early days of Behemoth. That gloomy, criminally underrated And The Forests Dream Eternally period.

Though the band brand themselves as Slow Death, I would say they definitely resemble the black metal bands of old. They have that perfect blend of morbid melodies, crushing guitar riffs and tempo changes to keep the music interesting without it sounding the same thing over and over again. I liked the vocals especially. I personally have always enjoyed a deep growling singer who can still pronounce every word in a song. It makes things so much more enjoyable when it doesn’t sound like a microphone attached to your mothers vibrator.

Anyway onto the conclusion. I loved this three track EP. It shows a lot of promise for this band. Though I am a bit annoyed knowing I’m going to sit here itching until a full length album gets released. So Mr Clarke, Rainey and Beattie, you have my support and blessings. This is great work and I hope you keep it up.



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THE CRAWLING is a three-piece Slow Death/Doom Metal band, originating in the United Kingdom, but now located in Northern Ireland. Formed in 2014, this is the band’s debut EP release, which contains three tracks. The six-minute “The Right to Crawl” opens the EP. True to the genre description, it is a slow moving song with a doomy feeling. The vocal style varies in range from low to high, but much of it is in the upper register and I can’t help but hearing some Black Metal influence to this song as well, especially when the song picks up pace, presumably during the chorus section. The song has substantial weight as well, as if it was slowly crushing the breath out of you.

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