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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Phantasmagoria

The upcoming The Crawling formed in early 2014 in Northern Ireland, but despite his young age as a band does not lack experience, as Stuart Rainey on bass and vocals, Andy Clarke on guitar and vocals and Gary Beattie on drums that make up the They have stable and long course in the local underground scene.

This potential heavy trio to be released late next month maiden release under the title In Light Of Dark Days, which will take the form EP, since it contains only three pieces of a total duration of about 20 minutes, while special mention It deserves careful of artwork, which bears witness to the grim and gloom of existence.

The slow-moving music of The Crawling supported by a heavy and rough death metal pattern, but which have successfully dress with bold doom / death elements and faintly funeral doom soundscapes, thereby enhancing the sonic range of In Light Of Dark Days, the flawless flow which, owes much to the frequent and successful changes tempo, attempting the band.

The barrage at times drums enrich the unholy their groove the final set and create a robust and compact rythm section with pithy bass of The Crawling, which gives depth to the sound of In Light Of Dark Days by volume, while the puddle brutal vocals reveal the intense death metal background Tutu of talented band.

The dull and morbid sound of In Light Of Dark Days owes its sharp the substance to the untamed guitar, which sometimes knock off argosyrta riffs in Skye doom pattern and sometimes knit sharp melodies with black aroma, but the pieces of The Crawling tantalise its leads, that smell doom / death and funeral doom rottenness audio bygone eras.

In short, the slow-moving death metal highly promising The Crawling has successfully grafted with generous amounts of doom / death magic, which reveal great, both almost imperceptibly Their black nuggets, and the faint funeral the touches that make the In Light Of Dark Days highly enjoyable, too small parcel. Excellent.

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