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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Cult Of Necro

Northern Ireland's THE CRAWLING have had an impressive 2015 and it is with the debut of their first EP In Light Of Dark Days that they begin to cement themselves as major contenders in the UK death metal scene.

Released on the solid Grindscene Records, the three tracks that follow after the play button is feverishly tapped are pure melancholy and despair, with the weight of a fucking truck behind the band's sound.

The Right To Crawl starts things off, a soft yet disturbing riff luring you in under false pretences. Because once they bring the heavy, THE CRAWLING crush you with a doom-like pace, only to speed things up for the chorus. It's a showcase of their style, far beyond being "just another death metal band."

The Right To Crawl, by The Crawling

End Of The Rope is a highlight, reminding Us that you can be a crushingly heavy, misery-drenched death metal band but still catchy as fuck. It is with final track Catatonic that a knockout blow is delivered, with this song a swifter crunch to the back of the skull than its predecessors.

And so, with the rain, this EP ends. It wasn't pretty, but therein lies its beauty. Off the back of the Choking On Concrete single these three feel like a step up as far as the band's intensity, with lyrics that just ooze of sombre horror.

Anticipation here in the CoN Cave for a full length is very high indeed, with THE CRAWLING proving that they've got the song writing ability, and one hell of a take-no-fucking-prisoners attitude.


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