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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Metal Talks

And so, as an online Scribbler throws one admittedly often 'nen look in Google litany to catch one or the other information, but in the case of The Crawling this venture is almost hopeless. Then let's make a start.

The from Lisburn (Northern Ireland) coming band The Crawling formed itself in 2014 and served us in their own words Slow Death Metal. Andy Clarke - Guitar / Vocals Stuart Rainey - bass / vocals and Gary Beattie - Drums have already submitted the end of October a 3-track EP, the ear should be worth every diehard fan of dark sounds. New musical Coverage of Northern Ireland is certainly not, it moves the trio with his compositions in an area which is very pleasing and half-baked. Of course you can gain through the sounding of three songs only a rough guide, but what is offered is as just mentioned solid and appealing.

Classic Death Metal sounds dominate the bitter scenario of slow THE CRAWLING world, not entirely in slow motion, but fatally unnerving. Abysmal growls and raucous croaking take care of the verbal part of the dark days, however, mood and feelings are purely instrumental and scourged without much aid from the Death Metal of the Irish.That also very sinister cover artwork fits in perfectly to the morbid sounds and completes this EP from visual. If THE CRAWLING could still throw a shovel more catchiness into the fire on the hopefully soon to be released album, then should selbiges burn something brighter and are a remarkable Output nothing in the way. For these 3 songs at least you can and love to do good 8 Talker loose and this will I do with this. Fans of early Anathema, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost was "In Light of Dark Days" recommended.

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