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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Lords of Metal

Marcel H. : Yes, I know. I am a sucker for death doom and then especially for the kind that has some real death metal in it and not that gothic stuff.. So, hell yeah, I am listening to The Crawling’s ‘In Light Of Dark Days’ EP with a huge grin from ear to ear. 

Drummer Gary Beattie some of you might know from his drumming in Zombified and it’s especially he who puts the death metal into The Crawling. For death doom this EP is short with its three songs which clock in at a total of a little over nineteen minutes. The longest song is just over eight minutes. An advantage is that the listener will be fully focussed from start to finish. Don’t expect any innovation but just well-executed death doom which makes it clear where these gentlemen got their inspiration from.


  1. You're walking your dog at night. You have a Led Flashlight with you. Someone approaches. You notice they're acting odd and make you feel uncomfortable. You remember your Led Flashlight is also a stun device.


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