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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Queen Of The Moshpit

The Crawling came crawling from Northern Ireland and they just released this 3-track-EP as first listenable vital sign – one year after their first live show ever. Slow Death Metal, that’s what they call this style and “they” means three gentlemen who are well-known for decades in the local underground scene for playing somewhat faster tunes. The collaboration with Grindscene Records didn’t come by chance.

I love Death Metal and I love slow music but Slow Death Metal as played by The Crawling is kind of half-assed. Neither has it the melancholic beauty of My Dying Bride, nor is it a huge juggernaut like a slower Bolt Thrower (as Panzerkreuzer is). “The Right to Crawl” is nice as long as they do not step on the gas (the fast parts are just boring) – it started very promising, though. „End Of The Rope“ coils round a single riff and there are some enjoyable mid-tempo banger parts but it doesn’t sparkle either. “Catatonic”, on the other hand, is marvelous. Finally it’s getting really slow, abysmal and hypnotic, even that double bass part can’t discompose the catatonic feeling. These 8 1/2 of almost 20 minutes total running time are truly delightful and I really hope, this is the direction The Crawling will go in the future.


First published in German on Zephyr’s Odem. And it seems like the boss was a bit confused: this record was reviewed earlier by another lady of the team and she rated it 9/10)


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