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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Vampster

The three gentlemen of 2014. upscale from the baptism band THE CRAWLING are no longer youngsters. Therefore, one may expect from their first EP "In Light of Dark Days" quite a bit. And the British (concrete Ulsterman) also put evidence on the fact that they compatriots as those of ANATHEMA or PARADISE LOST belongs aware (over) before twenty years and have worshiped.

Accordingly, there are on the EP Death / Doom Metal hear who comes to the point with sparse frippery and generates oppressive mood. Although instrumental are not daring experiments or great dexterity to hear, but is with incisive riffs, partially clean battered guitars and bass wummerndem game laid a solid basis for three songs that pleased with not quite unknown lead melodies. In addition also comes still a good growl vocals, the finishing touch is the Chose.

Subtracting the songs zoom, so has "The Right to Crawl" partially cool driving elements, "End of the Rope" scores with melodic melancholy and "Catatonic" in the most variety. Thus have THE CRAWLING certainly drawn attention to itself. The playing time of a EP was well used with the three songs; for an entire album the trio should still improve one iota when it comes to variety, unpredictability and independence.


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