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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Quien mueve los hilos?

The Crawling is an Irish band that formed in 2014 and this year have released a single and now this Ep. Theirs is a Death Doom, quite technical and sound quite close now to 90, with atmospheric passages and themes that explore the vein more progressive direction, ie, experimental ,.

The EP starts with The Right to Crawl with one Death acceleration in the old way and which environmental hammer very repetitive and insistent riff pylon a good theme with two distinct faces.

End of the Rope starts more quietly, one steeped in a darkness rhythm, acoustic and then continued with a tremolo Thunderstorms in marking the rock theme. A riff that repeats, either acoustic or electric, achieving a very successful atmosphere and make very entertaining topic, not missing a little groove here and there to give consistency and force the issue.

The last issue that we leave these Irish is Catatonic eight minutes which penetrate the darkness thicken the sound and take us in a much darker acoustic tour. Very good development of low creating this environment, you can say that the band moves in sound Sludge at times. And of course, they could not miss the appointment the machacones and repetitive riffs, of those who do that mechanically move the neck. Slow times and surely succeed in creating a world of murky feelings of unease and a very gimmicky theme.

A very good letter of these Crawling, have all the earmarks of being a group called to let us very good records in the future and maybe even to become erect as a future reference for the genre.

Quien mueve los hilos?


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