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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Possessed Magazine

The Irish scene is quasi compare Ostfriesland. A small country with many hot combos. Of course, the amount mixed with each other and so it is with "The Crawling". The musicians are otherwise still in "zombified" and "Honey for Christ" active we gambled with bands like "Overoth," Devil Make Three "and" Periodic Slaughter ". Quite young, the trio is no longer well. But the three there want to know, as well as here in East Frisia again. As the circle closes, but I think a lot of old warriors have again get Bock to make Metal. Just as an aside.

Since 2014, there is now this band and as I said, experience is present. In 2015 only thanks came a single, and now these 3 Song Ep. The label Grind Scene Records from Northern Ireland, I also know all its predecessors bands and "The Crawling" but sound then again quite different.
The label or the band describes their style as "Slow Death ". Okay, you can do so, but sounds a little breakdowns and Slam, but it is not definitive. Here ruled the old school and the boys mix Death Metal with Doom. With this type of Mucke it's become fashionable, that uses clean vocals. Luckily, the boys do without it and the grunting sounds so cool and bold, delicious. So I put it in front of me. So it was with my favorite Death / Doom disc called "the flower withers A" of My Dying Bride, and so it should always be. Out. Admittedly, I am now also become older and also more open because the new discs from Paradise Lost, My Dying like Amorphis and even me.Since these three songs are the right place. 

In the summer this disc you need not reinpfeiffen itself. Outside it must be gloomy and rainy and then you can go on a trip melancholisce 20 minutes. 

"The reight to crawl" goes right through. Doom / Death or Death / Doom just thrives on emotions and gloomy, melancholy presented riffs and this is equal to the opener of the case, a beautiful, eerie brought forward melody carries this Song.Langsam you crawl to himself, but will change the tempo without to be really fast. The bloodcurdling growls mates knee breaking nagging. Likewise, I love it. The "fast" midtempo part could still be fixed, but this is just my personal opinion. I Like This blatant counterplay. Regardless, even so the song pops without end. Fettes Ding. 

The shortest song "End of the rope" you can hear on Youtube. At the beginning of the song you have slight fears that the boys drift off into gothice, but misses wide. You can find the right track, after use of the guitar and the growls. Again nice slow again already melancholic. However, they build this time a groovy part, almost a breakdown with a. Cool idea, mainly because of the groove is also nice grim. 

I was and am never a fan of long songs have been. The bouncer "Catatonic" goes over eight minutes and that's not for me, mostly. The song slowly builds up, is also slow and contracts. The growls and screeching sound natural again outstanding and the main reef, which is again succeeded absolutely sad and ridiculous acts never is, but me too ausgenudelt. The song could have been shortened to 6 minutes. But this is really the only criticism that I can install. 

"The Crawling" need not behind bands like "My Dying Bride" Paradise Lost "," Mourning Beloveth "," Anathema "or" Amorphis "hide. On the contrary. Due to the konsenquente kind of song, say growls and screams, I find it even more intense. It will be really looking forward to the full length. If they can maintain the level, then waits for us a big thing!


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