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CD review: 'In Light of Dark Days' - Voices From The Dark Side

Once upon a time there was a small kingdom located on an island. It was a nice island with beautiful landscapes and astonishing shores. But that was just one side of the coin. On the flipside there was that permanent bad weather, strange food and mediocre beer that all together created a constant bad mood among the people. They became depressed and joyless, so that a few decided to make music to express their sadness and suffering. Some of the more popular ones were groups like MY DYING BRIDE, ANATHEMA and DECOMPOSED. Last mentioned lived up to their own name and the second isn't that sorrowful anymore. 

So there's just one brave entity left to cry out their inmost anxiety and woe. But all those years of grieving has left their marks. And since the weather hasn't changed at all, it happened by the year of 2014 that three pals decided to join the path of depression; to back up the ancient ones on their battle against bliss and joy. THE CRAWLING was born! But it lasted one more year until "In Light Of Dark Days" was unleashed upon mankind. 

Within the nearly 20 minutes that trio plunges their audience into darkness with their sinister sound, that immediately creates that certain, gloomy atmosphere. They only lift up the speed during the chorus lines, so most of the time it's just about weeping guitars, strong growls and versatile drumming with some double bass once in a while. Combined with a clear, yet powerful production that really does justice to the music, you get the perfect soundtrack for autumnal agony. "In Light Of Dark Days" is not about the positive sides of life, it is a maelstrom of grief and anger, an ultra heavy anchor tied to your feet, dragging you deeper down. My absolute favorite track on this recording is 'Catatonic'. The introduction with the sound of pouring rain is just perfect for that kind of Metal. Creepy, crawling ugliness goes hand in hand with that double bass driven chorus lines, where the growls get accompanied by that harsh, blackish voice. That combination forces me to a comparison with the German flagship of Death and Doom; OPHIS. In terms of heaviness and intensity THE CRAWLING may not be able to compete with the masters of aural sorrow yet, but Rome wasn't build in a day either. And as every flower withers one day, only time shall tell if this little seedling will be able to resist the sands of time and become a mighty and beautiful weeping willow. 

To all those who like sad trees, just like I do, get in contact at: or and buy their stuff in eager anticipation for a full length!


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